Arch. Alessandro Vidoni

technical consultant

ALESSANDRO VIDONI, Msc in Architecture and Urban Design at the Politecnico of Milano (Italy) in 2007, after several years of study and workshops in Germany, Cuba, Portugal and Poland.

After some collaborations with offices of architecture in Milan during the path of studies, in 2007 he began his professional career at Alhadeff architects in Milan, working on projects in the fields of hotel chains, high-end residential, real estate development in the Russian market. Since 2008 he has been working in the field of Architectural design, Structural design (concrete-timber-steel-glass), construction site management, health and safety management, Court expert, in Italy and abroad. Since 2009, as a consultant and project manager for fit out companies, he developed several projects about fit-out contract works and customized furniture, from hotel chains to retail and yachts. Since 2009 he is involved in the earthquake reconstruction of Abruzzo-Italy and since 2016 again in the same field after the new seismic events. Since 2015 he is a trusted technician of several Italian Embassies and Consulates abroad.

Architect’s registration board

Registration board of Teramo (Italy) from 2010 until present, n°749

Registration board of Milan (Italy) from 2008 to 2010, n°16666

Registered Technical Expert of the Court, Court of Teramo (Italy), for Civil Law at n°236, for Criminal Law at n° 43, in the area of construction/real estate/structures

Registered Technical Expert of the Judge at :

–   Administrative Court of Liguria – Italy , since 2015
–   Administrative Court of Lazio – Italy , since 2015
–   Administrative Court of Campania – Italy, since 2015
–    Administrative Court of Veneto – Italy, since 2015

Registered Technical Expert  for Arbitration at :

– Arbitration Chamber (national and international) of CCIAA of Milan, since 2015
– Arbitration Chamber of CCIAA of Verona (Italy), since 2015
– Arbitration Chamber “Leone Levi” – Ancona (Italy) , since 2016
–  Arbitration Chamber of CCIAA Venezia-Giulia (Italy) , since 2017
– Ljubljana Arbitration Centre at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, since 2017
– Arbitration Court at European Institution for Mediation and Arbitration – Sofia (Bulgaria), since 2017

He is Italian mother tongue, fluent in English and has a good knowledge of German and a passive knowledge of Spanish.