Motivated by needs for further improvement and development of science in line with new scientific developments, Center of Modern Knowledge has organized the first international scientific conference titled „Probation and alternative criminal sanctions – Opportunities and Prospects“, which was held on October 1th in Banja Luka at the hotel Athens.


One of the main conclusions of this multidisciplinary conference is the need for implementation of alternative sanctions and in the Republic of Srpska given that they are largely already being implemented in the Federation of BiH. Alternative sanctions are non-institutional treatment and as such affect the successful re-socialization of offenders and reducing recidivism rates. These types of sanctions imposed for minor offenses for up to one year and with the consent of persons who have been sentenced final. Presented experiences from Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro have shown that the application of alternative sanctions krvičnih in the Republic of Srpska could reduce budget costs, which now amounts to 100,00 KM per prisoner per day, to 20,00 KM per day for each convicted person per day. In addition, the work for the public good in freedom can greatly improve the performance of municipal, environmental and humanitarian organizations and thus contribute to the improvement of the local community. President of the Centre of Modern Knowledge dr Nebojša Macanović said that the conference showed significant results in the region, but also the theoretical papers and research in this field, which should form the basis and framework to harmonize national practices with European standards. The conference also opened and important issues in the field of criminal law, juvenile delinquency and the penological topics.

The conference was attended and by attorney at law Jovana Pušac since they are exposed to papers in the field of penological theory and practice is of great importance for the legal profession.